Discover the Annecy panoramic flight in a gyrocopter !

Departing from the Annecy-Meythet airport, offers panoramic flights aboard a top of the line two-seater gyrocopter rotorcraft.

Accessible to everyone over 7 years old, treat yourself or a friend to an exceptional flight around lake Annecy in the amazing landscape of the Mont-Blanc.


gyrocopter cadeau vol panoramique

Panoramic flight
Annecy Mont-Blanc

240 €

A unique 45 minutes aerial experience in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe at the gateway to Mont Blanc. After the welcome and a short briefing, embark on an unforgettable ride in a panoramic position with your pilot-instructor.

gyrocopter cadeau vol duo

DUO flight
Two in Annecy sky

480 €

Share a magical moment with the person of your choice. After the reception and a brief briefing, take a seat in 2 aircraft for an unforgettable DUO flight of 45 minutes around Annecy!

gyrocopter cadeau stage initiation

First lesson
Take the controls !

680 €

Half a day of pilot training to become familiar with the gyrocopter. On the ground, attend a theoretical presentation of one hour to discover the aircraft and the bases of the piloting. In flight, take the handle for 2 hours of double-handed ride with a pilot-instructor.



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