With surprising stability, the Gyrocopter adapts to varied weather conditions and allows you to enjoy low flight speeds, perfectly adapted to photography and video.
From the passenger seat, frame your shots in complete security, benefiting from a more than 180° open view. 
Stéphane Pegaz, an experienced pilot in aerial photography, adaptable to your needs, will know just how to adjust the flight to meet your expectations for a perfect collaboration.

In partnership with Thomas Mallevays, specialist in on-board photography, we will study your projects and aerial photography plans.


Pass Picture 1


  • A Gyrocopter and pilot-instructor will be at your disposal for a ½ day, including 3 hours of flight.
  • Organization and security of the flight.
  • Petrol and airport taxes.
  • You or your cameraman will photograph from the passenger seat.


790 € € before tax

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  • A Gyrocopter and pilot-instructor will be at your disposal pour a ½ day, including 3 hours of flight
  • Petrol and airport taxes.
  • Thomas Mallevays will be on board to take your photo and video shots.


1090 € € before tax

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